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Touch Down Unit

Item Code: MOL-PMO1

Brand: Molteni&C
Type: Desks And Home Offices
Design: Studio Klass

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Since 1934, Molteni&C has been one of the principal Italian industrial groups in the furniture sector. Since the beginning the Molteni Group has collaborated with Italian and international designers. It is a company defined by advancing technology and longstanding tradition. Molteni&C furnishings incorporate a wisdom gained from a long artisan tradition and an innovative technological quality that is practical without being ostentatious. When we talk of Molteni&C we speak of a hidden quality; that is, the technical and functional quality of the materials that is present, though often invisible, in its furniture.

Touch Down Unit, an innovative workstation designed by Studio Klass and originally thought for advanced work environments and produced by UniFor, has become part of the Molteni&C collection in its new home version.

TDU, enhanced by a series of new and more homely finishes, has been reinterpreted and conceived as an autonomous, discreet workstation. A safe place where to leave the necessary equipment to carry out your activity, may it be just sending an email or checking your schedule, thus becoming an object designed to meet individual requirements which changes and comes to life as a space for your personal items.

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