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Brand: Molteni&C
Type: Sofa
Design: Vincent Van Duysen

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Since 1934, Molteni&C has been one of the principal Italian industrial groups in the furniture sector. Since the beginning the Molteni Group has collaborated with Italian and international designers. It is a company defined by advancing technology and longstanding tradition. Molteni&C furnishings incorporate a wisdom gained from a long artisan tradition and an innovative technological quality that is practical without being ostentatious. When we talk of Molteni&C we speak of a hidden quality; that is, the technical and functional quality of the materials that is present, though often invisible, in its furniture.

Designed by Vincent Van Duysen, Octave is a system of modular sofas featuring rigorous shapes.

A design marked by geometrical lines, based on mix & match modular elements that came together in linear, angular compositions or with the addition of hanging trapezoidal or rectangular elements in unusual and highly appealing configurations. Guaranteeing the utmost comfort, complementary cushions, again rectangular or square, along with the headrest that can be freely positioned on the backrest, enabling it to be used in various positions. 

In addition to the traditional linear or corner elements, Octave offers open elements with which to create chaises longues or poufs that can be arranged alongside the composition or used as free-standing elements, also for the centre of the room. The conjoining rectangular or trapezoidal elements feature innovative hide leather trays on which to place all kinds of objects. Thanks to the possibility of creating articulated compositions, Octave is ideal in a “smart working” environment via the use of binding components designed to support laptops and tablets.

"A subtle study of proportions, creating a graphic interplay of geometric volumes." - Vincent Van Duysen

The source of Vincent Van Duysen’s inspiration for his new project are those wide skyscraper windows that offer breathtaking views over cosmopolitan megacities while comfortably seated on inviting sofas and armchairs.

Blade-like extruded steel legs support the base on which rest low rectangular textile or leather upholstered backrests, of the same thickness as the cosy seat cushions.

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